Unirii square 9, Cluj Napoca

The history of Cluj

The Rhédey House is a piece of history in itself. It is the history of the city’s main square. Its walls conserve Cluj’s past – the unique flavour of each era of the city. If they were able to speak, they would tell a story about Gábor Bethlen, and they would also share the secrets of Francis II Rákóczi’s freedom fight. These walls were home to László Székely, prefect of Cluj county, and all of these walls were rebuilt by Sara Bulcescu, the daughter of a boyar from Muntenia at the end of the 17 th century. At the beginning of the 1700’s this is where the most notable guests visiting the city were hosted. Rumour has it that even Francis II Rákóczi himself used to live here for a while. Later, the house was owned by count Mihály Rhédey and his wife, Terézia Bánffy, who transformed the building into a baroque wonder. The bourgeois house grew into a palace, with Terézia Bánffy setting up a ballroom in it. The walls also cherish the memories of the plays performed by first drama group in Cluj. Rhédey Palace is currently owned by the Reformed College of Debrecen (Hungary). The walls of the Rhédey House are alive. And as long as they live, they continue to tell this story. The spirits of those who lived here once whisper from ear to ear the history of Cluj. A history written by each and everyone of us.



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